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Mules Across the Great Wide Open

by Jody Foss cover of Mules Across the Great Wide Open

Join Jody and her sister as they ride green-broke Appaloosas and pack the incredible mule Sarah Jane 1,300 miles from Park City Utah to Spokane Washington. A collection of mishaps, old timers' stories and high mountain passes make this book a fun read. Humorously illustrated by Bonnie Shields and with a photo section, this 288 page book can take you away!

"Jody's wonderful outdoor experiences and character portraits catapult us back to a time when travel itself taught us much of what we know of people and places. This is a trailblazing adventure told from the lazy "altitude" of a mule's saddle. It's a wonderful read for those who relish the pioneer perspective."
-Anna Rees, Librarian

"I just finished reading Mules Across the Great Wide Open and I loved it. I didn't want to put it down, but I had to make it last. The illustrations are priceless. I loved the photos, especially all the people you encountered. Your writing brought up pictures in my mind and feelings that only a good writer can create. I felt it when you were soaking wet, hungry and at those peaceful times sitting alongside a river for hours where the only sound was the call of the birds overhead. I have a new understanding and respect for the marvelous mule. They haven't been given the proper respect they deserve. I sincerely wish for you to continue on with the same determination that took you across the great wide open."
-Elaine Dauphin

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In the Company of Mules

by Jody Foss

cover of In the Company of Mules

Could you fit everything you need on a mule? Jody Foss, in this true western adventure takes the reader across the west on rocky roads and high mountain trails. In the summer of 1984 she saddled up her mules Mavis and Sarah Jane and left her Idaho homestead heading for the coast of Oregon. She discovered a country rich in colorful oral history and old time hospitality.

"Jody's descriptive writing and beautiful pictures enabled me to remember the smells and feelings of my years outdoors."
-Anna Lane
"When my folks came there wasn't a fence in the country. Not a fence nowhere." Jack said the words quietly, like a prayer. "You'd head out in any direction and never come across a fence. And there was bunch grass as high as a horse's belly."
-In the Company of Mules

Experience a west that can only be seen from the saddle...
367 pages, illustrated by Bonnie Shields, with 26 photographs by the author.

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The Courage of Ignorance

by Ethel Kurland cover of The Courage of Ignorance

Mules Across America Publishing is proud to announce the arrival of Ethel Kurland's book The Courage of Ignorance.

"In 1931, when I was living in Greenwich Village at seventeen years of age with a group of friends, I would run down to the nearby waterfront whenever I heard the blast of a ship's horn. The deep-throated sound heard for ten miles was the siren song signaling the imminent departure of one of the glittering great ocean liners tucked into the piers which bore the names of all the countries I knew about from my reading: the Queen Mary meant England, the Swedish-American Gripsholm meant Sweden, the Bremen meant Germany. The Rex, Roma and Conti di Savoia meant Italy, and the Normandie, queen of them all, the most luxurious liner ever built, a floating palace, meant France. Just the proximity of the ships set me dreaming. To actually ever go abroad was unthinkable, yet here in front of the city's piers were the vehicles to take me there. I would watch as the giant ropes that tied the ship fast to the pier were cast off by the deckhands and tiny tugs nudged and eased the great ships slowly into deep water. As they departed, the ships were decked out with colorful confetti, streamers of all colors tossed overboard to friends waving below. I never tired of seeing these glorious ships dressed in their finery. It was theatre to me before I knew what theatre really meant. I wondered where the passengers were going and what kind of world would receive them at the end of their journey. As I wandered around the waterfront, gleaming white ships from foreign lands held my interest. I began to devour books about these countries and their spectacular photographs inspired me to take my little camera with me everywhere."
-Ethel Kurland, The Courage of Ignorance

In the 1930's Ethel Kurland was a footloose girl from Greenwich Village with an undying desire to see the world. Captivated by the glorious luxury liners, she made her way into the office of the Cuba Lines and told the boss her idea. Couldn't she photograph those on board? She walked out with a ship's pass and a ticket to the world and in the following years crossed the ocean more times than she can remember. With 48 exquisite photographs of some of the most famous people of the day this book takes the reader from old New York to a glamorous Hollywood and on to Carmel where Ethel was befriended by photographic icons Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. Her interest in the Lincoln Brigade led her to Spain and her recollections of her solo travels there are priceless.

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